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Let’s move to Zurich!

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If you like money, banks and chocolates, there is no better city in the world for you than Zurich. It is small Swiss city, which, although not the capital of the country, seems to move the yarn in many areas. Zurich is beautiful but almost prohibitive, expensive. If you make the big decision to migrate to it, my basic advice is these.

What to do before you leave


Make sure to save some money before going to Zurich. If you do not have a good amount on the edge so you can move, do not bother to leave. Zurich has high salaries but is very expensive. The average price of a Gin tonic if you want a good example is around 15 euros. That’s why you need patience and temperance to get into a series. If you know someone that can accommodate you for some time, you’re lucky, otherwise you better get airbnb instead of a hotel.


Zurich is a small town, so you will have a hard time finding a home, especially in the center. Also, you know that the rents are high and you may have to make some compromises.

Health card

Until you have a residence permit and you are in a home to start looking for your insurance, it is a good idea to publish the European Health Insurance Card. This card, issued free of charge, covers all EU countries. But also in some other ways in which Switzerland is also. For more, go here for more information.

Make it simple

You do not have to do anything special just take a ticket and leave. In Zurich, you can stay as long as you want, simply, if you do not get a residence permit, you will not be able to do almost anything non-tourist. As you understand, in a country like Switzerland, things are quite simple and avoid bureaucracy. All you have, basically doing is finding a job and cosmos values can help you on that. Once you do, you can easily get your residence permit.


Zurich is a small town with about 400,000 inhabitants. Its roads are in a very good condition and its drivers are among the most lawful and polite that you can achieve. That’s what I’m telling you to explain to you, you can go to all of your business with your bike. There are also public bikes, which you can get from various parts of the city and move. The transport is made up of buses and trams. All the distances, however, are very close, even if you live in the suburbs. However, as you understand, the country’s top banks in the country are expensive.

Mobile phone

Initially, you will not need to log in and you can talk to yours via the internet. But once you get there, there are plenty of programs you can do (with great deals for calls abroad) and I think you’ll find exactly what suits you. To make a connection, you will need a residence permit, an identity card (or passport) and of course a home address.

Bank account

As I said before, if you have a job, it means that you can automatically get a residence permit. Of course, you should also declare an address (permanent or temporary). So if you have a residence permit, opening a bank account is a simple process and it will not take you a long time. You will need a residence permit and an ID or passport for confidence. Without a residence permit, it is extremely difficult to open an account.

How to find yourself a house

Start exploring before you leave, because you will have difficulty finding what you are looking for. Also, you should know that rentals in Zurich are very expensive. For example, a one-bedroom apartment can be found at one thousand euros per month. This amount may seem astronomical to you, but if you find a job in Switzerland, be sure you can afford it. On this site, you can search for a home directly.


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