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Chinese money lifts Singapore housing market sentiment

Chinese real estate investors and real estate developers have recently dumped nearly $5.1 billion (US) into the Singapore real estate market and the residential housing market in just the first three months of 2017.

This shows just how strongly the Chinese market feels about Singapore as an up and coming global nation, just how seriously they take the investment and growth opportunities in Singapore today and tomorrow, and how dedicated they are to making sure that they are able to reap many of the rewards and advantages that they are southeast Asian neighbour has to offer – especially when it comes to building their economy and creating real wealth.

The Chinese are pouring money into the APAC residential market of Singapore

Outside investment into Singapore is nowhere near brand-new or surprising.

Singapore in general has always been very friendly towards outside investment, has attracted and courted outside funding, and has done everything in their power to make it just as simple and as straightforward to facilitate investment opportunities for the people of Singapore as well as people from all over the world.

The government of Singapore has a very long-term growth strategy in mind and this is just another piece of the puzzle. Sure, industry reports are that the huge influx of cash from wealthy Chinese builders have helped to establish new records for residential land prices throughout Singapore – but the Singapore housing market was on the rise and has been on the rise ever since the real estate bubble popped globally in 2008.

Billions and billions of dollars are being invested in Singapore by Chinese investors today

No one could have anticipated the Chinese to be quite as aggressive as they have been this early in the first three months of 2017. But Chinese developers see a tremendous amount of potential for Singapore, want to make sure that they get in on the ground for (so to speak), and are committed to propping up the housing market in Singapore with major influx of cash right now and in the near future as well.

It will be interesting to see the long-term strategy that these Chinese developers envision for Singapore, especially as Singapore’s own real estate developers continue to move forward with their own plans and initiatives. All the same, it is very much a developers market in Singapore right now!

The world is paying very close attention to the extreme growth that Singapore has been able to develop in just the last two or three decades

2017 will be a very telling year as far as real estate investing in Singapore is concerned, especially if those in China continue to push billions and billions of dollars into the market. It’s not at all unreasonable to suggest that other nations like America, England, and a handful of other Western nations are paying close attention to the activities of China and Singapore as far as this residential market is concerned and no one should be surprised if these countries start to get in on the action as well before 2017 has concluded.



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