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6 Gift Ideas that Inspire

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There are many ways by which it will be possible for you to be an inspiration to other people. Among others, one of the best would be through giving the right gifts. Pick a present that will be a source of inspiration to the recipient, including those that will be mentioned in the rest of this post.

Canvas Prints

To make canvas prints inspirational, the best thing that you can do is to have it printed with motivational quotes. This is a good gift to an employee who seems to be burdened with too much workload or a friend who is suffering from a health problem. Carefully choose a quote that will be appropriate for that person. For an idea on how these gifts will look like, take a look at Shutterfly’s canvas prints.


This will make a good gift idea if you have a friend who is passionate about writing. A journal will give him or her a space to jot down random thoughts, which could be inspirations for the next big write-up. A journal will also be a place to list down things that a person is thankful for or to note one’s goals. To make the journal even more special, make it personalized with the person’s name, photo, or an inspirational quote. Aside from a journal, you can also check out personalized gifts from Shutterfly for other inspiring ideas.


Another sure-fire way to inspire other people is through giving a book. There is a wide selection of inspirational books that are available. If you know the person well, you will not have a hard time picking a book that will be relatable and appreciated. These books can motivate people to live their life despite the obstacles that confront them. It gives them hope in more ways than one!

Drawing Board

For those who have the artistic skills or just for those who love to draw, a blank drawing board will make a good and inspiring gift idea. When the person has free time, he or she can use the board to draw whatever that person is thinking of. It is also a good way to release one’s stress or frustrations in life.

Scented Candles

At times, when we are feeling down, what we need is a time on our own, away from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind. This makes a candle with a relaxing scent another inspirational gift. Soaking in a bathtub with the candle releasing its scent can already be enough for a person to feel inspired.

Wall Decal

This is somewhat like a canvas print, but it can be larger. The best decals would be quotes that inspire. It will be perfect for the bedroom. Seeing it first thing in the morning will already set a positive mood for the day.

You can make a lot of difference through your gifts. With this, the next time you shop for a present, if you want to be an inspiration to other people, take note of those that we have recommended in this post.



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