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Monthly Archives: December 2017

Making The Basement Comfortable

Instead of letting your basement become a storage room in the home, consider one of the numerous remodeling options that you have. When you begin talking to basement remodeling Chicago IL companies, think about the added function that you could use in the home as well as what you desire for your children and yourself in the future. Before any ...

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5 Ways Chain Link Fencing Improves the Value of Your Property

There are literally hundreds and thousands of improvement projects you can do with a home or business, but not all will increase the value as much as quality fencing. It is a project that, when done right and with quality materials, can offer lasting added value. Below are five ways that chain link fencing can increase the desirability and value ...

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Advantages of a Virtual Staging Company

First of all, if you have recently purchased or rented a brand new apartment, we would like to congratulate you. Since we are living in the “most expensive era”, we know how difficult it is for an individual to buy a house or, as a matter of fact, even rent one. Despite all the problems and blockages, if you have ...

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Drapes v Curtains v Blinds

There are lots of ways to control natural light in your home.  Here are the four most common and how Store Urbain toile sur mesure can be both similar as well as different from each other. DRAPES In general, the term “drape” describes any large piece of fabric that you hang above a window in order to block the light. ...

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