Why Real Fur Beats Fake Fur Any Day

Somewhere along the line, someone may have told you that you shouldn’t wear real fur garments and should instead shop for fake fur substitutes. Although they probably meant well, their advice was not sound. Instead, genuine fur gilets and other garments are a smarter, more responsible choice.

Fake Fur is Synthetic
Despite its name, there’s nothing fur about fake fur. Instead, fake fur is a synthetic cocktail of chemicals. Most fake furs are comprised of acrylic polymers known as modacrylics.

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Although they are in some ways similar to real furs, acrylic replacements simply can’t live up to the real thing. They don’t match the luxurious softness of natural furs. Rather, they’re an imitation that lingers in the shadows without ever quite living up to the reputation set by genuine articles.

Real Fur is Natural
On the other hand, genuine animal furs can be incredibly soft and richly warm as well. There’s nothing that compares to wrapping yourself in a fur gilet made of real fur.

You have surely enjoyed the soothing comfort of running your fingers through the soft coat of a furry pet. Many of the furs used for garments are even softer than this. When you dress in genuine fur garments, you can carry this luxurious comfort with your throughout your day. It’s a feeling that synthetic fur just can’t match.

A natural fur coat is an animal’s defense against cold and elements. It will do the same for you, wrapping you in sleek comfort season in and season out.

Fake Fur Will Not Biodegrade
The acrylic that fake fur is made of is really not all that different from plastic. Yes, plastic: The same stuff that fills landfills everywhere. It doesn’t break down, but instead sticks around for year after year.

Fake furs contribute to the earth’s overwhelming waste problem in the same way. If you get tired of your synthetic garment and discard it, it will be tossed in a landfill pile where it will stay for just about forever.

Real Fur Will Return to the Earth
Although you can rest assured that your fur gilet will last for years to come, you can also be confident in the knowledge that, someday, your coat will break down and return to the earth. Unlike a synthetic garment, it will not spend the next 1000 years taking up space in a landfill. Natural items are meant to decompose someday.

Of course, you won’t be ready for your fur gilet to break down anytime soon, but with proper care, that’s nothing to worry about. Store it in a cool area away from direct light, and lift and transport it gently. Your garment will last you for years to come, and then, some far away day, long past your time on earth, it will return to the earth from which it came.

Genuine fur gilets beat synthetic ones hands down. They offer richer softness and are also a more environmentally responsible choice.



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