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What Fire Alarm Systems are The Most Popular?

Fire alarms – what would many people do without them? And think of the amount of lives and property they must have saved over the years! Certainly a must have for most businesses and many homes. But which ones are the most favoured? Let’s find out:

  • There are two basic designs of fire alarms, today, and they are the type known as manual or automatic. Both systems can be set to protect lives only or to protect both lives and property. 


Manual or Automatic?

The manual fire alarm depends on somebody being in a building, who discovers the fire and then activates the alarm. Devices named “call points” are fitted near doors and stairs where the alarm system can be activated. You have more than likely seen them in commercial or industrial buildings where people don’t normally live.

The automatic fire alarm type makes use of a linked network of sensing devices which after detecting the presence of smoke, will then sound off the alarm.

Safeguarding What Matters

Most fire alarms are made to protect the lives of the occupants in a building and will go off and sound the alarm when a fire has been identified. However, this type might not turn on sprinkler systems or notify the fire brigade.

  • The more intricate kinds of this system will also shut down ventilation systems to prevent smoke and toxic fumes from spreading around any other areas of a building.
  • Automatic fire alarms are networked to a central control panel.

The wiring for this type of automatic fire alarm is considered to be either traditional or linked to a computer system. In the standard configuration set up, a building is split up into two or more zones with each zone having a number of different sensing devices linked to the control panel by way of electrical wiring.

This wiring goes away from the control panel to the final sensing device in every zone and with this kind of standard fire alarm system, the activation of just the one sensor will then turn on alarms and sprinklers in the whole area.

Addressable Assignment

Different to the standard set-ups, what is known as an addressable fire alarm system, utilises an electrical cable which starts at the control panel and then out to each sensor until a total circuit is created and then goes back to the panel.

  • In this type of set up, every single sensing device is assigned an address.

Should only the one sensor be activated, the control panel will then activate alarms and sprinklers for just that one zone based on the sensor’s address. This alarm system arrangement removes the need for an entire zone to be activated and helps the fire brigade to know exactly where the fire is.

Fire alarms are an easy solution to what would otherwise be a catastrophe.


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