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Parquet Flooring: Pros and Cons of using this flooring style

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Parquet flooring is the flooring pattern comprising of mosaic created from small wood planks. The panels can be held together using adhesive, and are very thin. This flooring comes with lots of pros and a few cons and is, therefore, in high demand amongst home owners looking for stylish floor solutions.


The flooring of this type has made the lives of the experts rather easier. They enjoy benefits like:

  1. Ease of maintenance: Only sweeping and cleaning with normal cloth is required to keep such floor sparkling clean. Use of abrasives is prohibited on it anyway. Thus, the maintenance guy need not go too much experimental with the cleaning choices; simpler is better.
  2. Adds to aesthetics: This flooring looks exceptionally beautiful. Its aesthetic value fetches high market value too, and the house owners find it easier to attract the buyers because of its well-maintained look.
  3. Highly durable: Only thing required to enjoy this flooring is proper sealing and regular cleaning. This flooring lasts as new for years and does not demand much. It retains its newness without many efforts.


Less number of cons makes this flooring popular amongst the home renovators, especially. Still, one should be wary of the following limitations of this flooring style.

  1. It is highly prone to damage: If scratched ruthlessly, the damage is obvious to occur. Only soft cleaning and applying sealing solutions are recommended for its maintenance.
  2. Can get affected badly due to moisture: This flooring is definitely not meant for wet areas or for those areas exposed to excess moisture. The cleaning also should be done using very slightly damp cloth, and not the wet one.
  3. Discolors in sunlight: The flooring should not be exposed to direct scorching heat of sun as it may rob off the color sooner.

Thus, keep these pros and cons in mind while planning to use this flooring solution in your houses or offices.


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