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Making The Basement Comfortable

Instead of letting your basement become a storage room in the home, consider one of the numerous remodeling options that you have. When you begin talking to basement remodeling Chicago IL companies, think about the added function that you could use in the home as well as what you desire for your children and yourself in the future. Before any remodeling begins, you need to examine the walls, plumbing, and other structural components to ensure that they are in the best condition for the project.


Create a guest suite for family members who might want to spend the night or who might want to stay at the home for an extended visit. Add a bedroom and small bathroom for guests to enjoy. If there is space in the basement, then you could add a living area with an electric fireplace. Visitors will have their own area without feeling like they are intruding on the rest of the household but will still be able to interact with the family when they want.

If you plan on expanding your family in the future or you want to ensure that there is enough space in the home for everyone to gather for holidays or for your kids to invite friends over, then turn the basement into a larger living room or a den. Linoleum or tile is often best for the floor in the basement with rugs on top if you want carpet. When you’re installing lights, consider a recessed style as these will often be brighter than standard lights. Another option is to put vanity lights on the walls for a modern appearance. Your living room can include a couch and a few chairs, a television, game console and a device to use to watch movies. You could also include a bar area, serving snacks and beverages that are age appropriate depending on who is in the living room at the time. Your basement could also be transformed into an office or a quiet reading room with bookshelves and a comfortable chair or couch so that you have quiet time during the day.


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