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Monthly Archives: April 2015

How to Find a Good Roommate

If you are going to find a roommate to share a room or an apartment with, this article will help you do it without any problems. Here are some tips on how to identify the person who suits you best. In many ways, the search for a roommate is similar to acquaintances. After all, your future roommate is likely to become your friend. Let’s ...

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60,000+ Listings and 11,200 Realtors For Canadian Real Estate Startup

Snap Up Real Estate is one of the fastest growing real estate startups in Canada.  Their goal is to be a leading portal for real estate listings. and MLS have all the agents’ listings, however private sellers and property developers often turn to other means to advertise listings.  Snap Up Real Estate offers a way for all the listings to be ...

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Smart Home Buying Involves Home Inspections

Home inspections are important part of any home purchase. Buying a house without inspections is comparable to purchasing a car that does not have working tires. Any great realtor will recommend that you carry out a home inspection clause as you make an offer on a home. This information is surely emphasized in many India real estate websites. Such often means that ...

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